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Posted by Ian Dew on 17/05/2020   Email

Moved to Greasby 1949 and initially went to Frankby CofE school until moved to newly built Greasby County Junior School.Ester Booth was first headmistress. I cannot remember the amount of times Mrs Booth gave me the cane!! Move to Candy Grange Grammar Schhol in1955 and left in 1960 If anybody of my area about I would like a catch up.

Posted by Ronald Jones on 26/04/2020   Email

I lived in Greasby 1935 until 1956 I lived at No.7 Howell drive. Went to junior school and then the BI at Birkenhead, Was a member of the scout group, and we met a the wooden hall near the pub, The scoutmaster was Bo.(Bowden) My sister (Carol) worked at Jones Chemist in the village. We now live in Perth. Australia

Posted by David Mullineux on 20/10/2019   Email

Hello to all. I was at Brookdale 74 thru 78 before Calday Lived in Wood Lane Anyone welcome to click on my email button. Whatever happened to that famous Mr Wilcox of Brookdale?

Posted by Mary Kehoe on 20/10/2019   Email

Hi. I was brought up in Greasby .Lived on Arrowe Rd. Went to Greasby infants then junior school then WKCGS. Had a sister Hazel.Lived there 1961-76.

Posted by Andy Soloman on 05/10/2019   Email

This may be a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone remembers John Mortimer? He is Irish and in the early 1960s he worked as an apprentice garage mechanic after dropping out of art college. He was probably born in 1939 or 1940. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Ian Kendrick on 06/09/2019   Email

Steve, your post was a blast from the past. I think I might have been a year or two ahead of you, which places you in my brothers' vintage. I responded to your email address but it bounced.

Posted by STEPHEN MCEVOY on 26/08/2019   Email

Hi, i lived in broadway greasby from 1959 till 1981,i attended brookdale school whose head mistress was miss kimberley, my mum was the lollipop lady on greasby rd, she shared the role with mrs hinton, i remember the woods down wood lane with great fondness, i have great memories of the field down broadway, greenway, i enjoyed the get together with all my mates , for our games of football cricket,and bonfire night, i remember hartleys the sweet shop ,when i was really young ,to be replaced by morgans the sweet shop , my mums favourite shop , was anne hayes the wool shop,greasby will always mean a lot to me & quite often i go back to coronation park with my grand kids to reminisce the good times i had growing up.

Posted by Admin on 15/07/2019

Greasby infant & junior school reunion - will the organiser please contact this website using the Contact page and leave an email address. There are problems with access to the proposed facebook page and with using the proposed facebook message facility.

Posted by Kathrina Cheryl Hardman on 14/07/2019   Email

I lived in Greasby and went to Greasby Infant and Juniors around 1968 and 1974. We are hosting a reunion in November. Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/368625293856032/ If you're interested please message me. https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.hardman.5

Posted by Paul McMichael on 05/06/2019

Lived in greasby from 1968 (birth) until 1994. Sadly both my parents hava passed away 12 months apart and recently. Currently back in the area and wondered if anyone was still around from the old days?

Posted by Amanda Taylor on 07/05/2019   Email

I lived above the post office from 1969 to 1974 when we moved to the Isle of Man. My father Fred Davies was the post master. I went to Greasby Junior school until December 1974 when we left to go to the Isle of Man. I was 7 then. I am now 52. Mr Crozier was then the Head Master. Does anybody remember us?

Posted by Rosie Mitchell on 20/04/2019   Email

I'm writing a memoir of my time in Greasby, 1957-65. In particular I'm trying to assemble a picture of the block of shops at the top of Dingwall Drive/Arrowe Road in this period. I remember Mrs Matthews the haberdasher, the Co-op, Waterworth's the greengrosers,the butchers (which became Buchanan's but I can't rememeber what it was before, the butcher's son Robert Buchanan was in my class at Greasby Infants ,Mr Hughes, succeeded by Mr Morgan, the newsagents, Pegram's the old-fashioned over-the-counter grocer, and Mr Storah the ironmonger who, IIRC, wore a long grey coat and a beret and whose shop smelled agreeably of Aladdin Pink paraffin. There are gaps here, can anybody help me fill them in? Photos would be nice but memories are nicer! Feel free to use my email address.

Posted by alison preston on 23/03/2019   Email

If there are any veteran scouts from 1st Frankby on here would like to say that my Dad Alex Young known in the scouts as Chunky has sadly passed away 14.3.19

Posted by Brenda Adshead/ Edge on 17/08/2018   Email

Hi, this site has brought a lot of names and memories flooding back, i lived in Greasby from 1950 till 1970, on Arrowe Road next to Saxons shop. I went to Greasby Primary then Greasby Junior school after which i went to Pensby Sec, My first job was in the Chemist in Greasby village which was owned by Mr Dyson, I had 2 brothers Alan and Eric who are now unfortunately deceased, I now live in Spain but would love to hear from anyone who knew the Edge family.

Posted by ed williams on 02/07/2018   Email

Hi David Billington. Its 18 years since I last saw you at the Greasby Junior School 50 years reunion. Times flies when you are getting older.

Posted by David Billington on 26/06/2018

Moved to Greasby cica 1955-56. Attended G.C. Infants/Junior and then Pensby S.S.B. left Greasby 1969 to move to Newton (Larton).

Posted by Richard Harbord on 21/06/2018   Email

My Dad, Geoffrey Harbord, and his wife, Jean Peggotty, lived at Zephyrus, Frankby Road, on the corner with Greasby Road, between 1932 and 1938. Does anyone remember them or anything about them? My Dad divorced Jean Peggotty (Peggy) in 1944 and married my Mum.

Posted by Jackie Gates (Childs) on 11/04/2018   Email

Does anyone remember Jackie Childs from the New Inn?

Posted by Bill Bennett on 28/03/2018   Email

Just had a spell of needing to look at dear Greasby! Had a look at Hall Drive and Harvey Avenue where I used to live. Lovely memories!

Posted by Karina on 21/02/2018   Email

Bunch of keys lost 21st feb poss in Coronation Park Greasby or near it. Has 2 keyrings with photos of white lhasa apso dogs. If found please hand to park keeper Richard or email me. Thanks

Posted by Jeanette Scott on 10/02/2018   Email

I am research my dads family his father George Herbert Kerr and mother Ellen Alice known as Alice lived in Greasby on my dads birth certificate it states him as Herbert Gillison b1927(mothers maiden name) The Caravan, Wood Lane, Greasby, Wirral. He has a sister Irene(Gillison)b 1925 Bonheur,Kerr's Field 3, Moreton Rd, Woodchurch, Wirral. His brother Leslie (Gillison)b 1929, Glendyne, Off Barnston Rd,Thingwall, Woodchurch, Wirral. Was wondering if anyone out there can fill me in with these places if possible. Regards Jeanette

Posted by Paul Atherton on 31/01/2018   Email

fao Maureen Reed Hello Maureen - I do remember your family and in particular growing up with your son Paul both during your stay in Hillcrest Drive and Mill Lane. Lost touch after you left for New Zealand - would welcome news of how the family are. Regards Paul Atherton

Posted by Robert(Bob) Jones on 10/12/2017   Email

I am trying to trace a Mr Len Rushdon, who lived in Heswall until the end of the 80's and he then moved back to Greasby, he would be about 85 years old and his wife's name was Brenda

Posted by Steve mansell on 02/10/2017   Email

Hi any old friends from greasby

Posted by Patricia Goodman on 20/09/2017   Email

I grew up in Wood Lane with my parents George and Eileen and brothers Graham and Peter. We were all involved with the Methodist Church,Scouts and Guides

Posted by Max reid on 08/08/2017   Email

Denise Quest was from Greasby or Pensby. Her dad was a dentist. She went to Carlett park with me. Trying to trace her without success. Should be about 52 now. Anyone know her name now so I can connect via Facebook. Thank you. Max

Posted by Howard Dean on 16/07/2017   Email

Further to Peters message, Constable, later Sergeant Blundell wore a flat hat as did all of the members of Cheshire Constabulary, helmets did not come into usage until about 1966. He had a son Ian who would be about 76 or 77 now. When the police house On Greasby Road was built Constable Perkins helped keep Greasby safe.

Posted by Rosalind Mitchell on 03/06/2017   Email

Some names I recognise from this site: posters Ian Kendrick and Gina Wilson.There were two Ginas IIRC, a Gina Hall as well. I remember Andrew Kay too. You probably won't recognise my name as I had a life change 20 years ago, bit of a splash in the media as I was a councillor in Bristol at the time. Used to be David Spry. At GCJS was in Mrs Brooks's class for 1 term then for bureaucratic reasons as an August child was moved up to Mrs Young's class. It wasn't understood then but I have dyspraxia and mild autism so was dreamy clumsy kid who got ink all over fingers and couldn't finish project work, so was out of depth, didn't settle and took several years to recover. Was in Mrs Hickson's and Mrs Nicholson's class too but moved south before going to Calday. Remember pantomime, pond-dipping, the swimming pool (unheated, kids today don't know they're born mutter mutter!) day trip to London (but not week in Paris like alternate years.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 30/05/2017   Email

Re ex-police houses in Greasby. I can remember the PC Blundell mentioned. His house was just opposite Frankby School (long gone!) He used to give road safety talks when I was at the junior school in Hall Drive (just before the end of the War). I can still picture him. He must have had very dark hair, as he had a 'blue chin', which made him look a bit frightening to an 8-yr-old! He wore a flat police cap (not a helmet) & black leather gaiters, as he did his beat on a bike (like most local policemen in those days).

Posted by Rosalind Mitchell on 19/05/2017   Email

I recognise some names here (they probably won't recognise mine, it's a long story). Posters Ian Kendrick and Gina Wilson. I remember two Ginas, there was a Gina Hall too. Alison Young. Shelagh Ballard rings bells. I remember Mr Kavanagh the barber. Not Broster's horse and cart but Broster's van I do - one just like it appeared on Call The Midwife and brought a lot back. I started at the Infants School in Hall Drive in 1959, was successively in Mrs Shepherd's, Miss Ward's and Mrs Mills's classes. At the Juniors I was in Mrs Brooks's class for one term then Cheshire CC reorganised there school year and as an August baby I was moved up to Mrs Young's class. I liked Mrs Young but although I was ok up to then I was very unhappy and didn't really recover for years (I have dyspraxia and marginal autism but those weren't understood then). Mrs Hickson didn't like me at all and was horrible. Mrs Nicholson was nice but sometimes crabby. Then we moved to Hertfordhshire so that was it for Greasby.

Posted by Rosalind Mitchell on 18/05/2017   Email

I recognise some names here (they probably won't recognise mine, it's a long story). Posters Ian Kendrick and Gina Wilson. I remember two Ginas, there was a Gina Hall too. Alison Young. Shelagh Ballard rings bells. I remember Mr Kavanagh the barber. Not Broster's horse and cart but Broster's van I do - one just like it appeared on Call The Midwife and brought a lot back. I started at the Infants School in Hall Drive in 1959, was successively in Mrs Shepherd's, Miss Ward's and Mrs Mills's classes. At the Juniors I was in Mrs Brooks's class for one term then Cheshire CC reorganised there school year and as an August baby I was moved up to Mrs Young's class. I liked Mrs Young but although I was ok up to then I was very unhappy and didn't really recover for years (I have dyspraxia and marginal autism but those weren't understood then). Mrs Hickson didn't like me at all and was horrible. Mrs Nicholson was nice but sometimes crabby. Then we moved to Hertfordhshire so that was it for Greasby.

Posted by Paul Booth on 18/05/2017   Email

I was at Greasby Primary and Greasby Junior Schools until 1955, when we left the Old Hall to go and live in Thingwall. Does anyone know who organises the group of Greasby Primary/Junior pupils who were in the Primary School c. 1951?

Posted by Rosalind Mitchell on 17/05/2017   Email

I lived in Greasby from 1957 (when I was 3) until 1965. We lived at 45 Neale Drive - I see from Google Maps the willow tree my dad planted is now a bit of a giant overhanging the road. I attended Greasby County Infants and Greasby County Junior Schools. I remember the shops at the top of Caulfield Drive: Mrs Matthews the haberdasher, Mr Buchanan the butcher, Mr Storah (beret and long coat, lovely smell of 'Pink' paraffin) the ironmonger, Mr Hughes and later Mr Morgan the newsagent, Pegram's the grocers, Waterworths the greengrocer, the Co-op - was there anything else? I passed through was 1996, I think. Bought a bag of pear drops and another of chocolate eclairs from The Favourite, which closed soon after I think. Last time I visited, biding time between a funeral and travelling on to Dublin, had a drink in the wine bar where the blacksmith used to be. Now a retired database analyst living in Glasgow.

Posted by Ian Kendrick on 08/01/2017   Email

Wood Lane in 60's. Can anyone kindly put me in touch with Helen Bancroft??

Posted by Herman van Wingerden on 29/12/2016

It is with great interest that my dad read the message by Gina Wilson about Pam Wilson. He used to know her late fifties early sixties. Could you contact him and tell what happend to Pam? He knows Mary died in 1985.

Posted by Julienne Howells on 07/12/2016   Email

I'm tracing my Silcock ancestors and have found some in Greasby in the1790s, also in Great Moels. Thank you for such an informative site, it has really helped me get a feel for the place. I hope to visit in the Spring of 2017.

Posted by Nicholas on 26/10/2016   Email

Does any remember the Killer Girls? It was high kicks dance troupe comprising of the girls in GCJS in Christmas 1965. There was also a song dance duo one member was Andrew Kay.

Posted by Admin on 08/10/2016

Message for Barry Dickman - A 1784 estate map held at the British Library shows that Edward Dickman owned seven 'closes' in Greasby. He seems to be the third property owner after John Peacock and Henry Youd. A close is what we would now call a field or piece of land surrounded by a hedge or fence. The combined size of all his land in Greasby is a little over 10 acres. The British Library reference is 'Add MS 11393 B' and the description is 'MAP of the Estates of John Peacock, Henry Youd, and Edward Dickman, in Greasby, in the county of Chester, 1784.'

Posted by Barry Dickman on 04/10/2016

Does anyone have information regarding families living in Greasby in the 1700's. I am most interested in the Dickman family. Thanks

Posted by Stewart Carr on 24/07/2016   Email

Does anyone remeber Stewart Carr lived in Greasby from 1950 to 1973

Posted by Paul Booth on 18/07/2016   Email

I lived in Greasby from 1946 to 1955, and attended Greasby Primary School, and then the Junior School when it opened.

Posted by Sue Longworth-was green on 18/06/2016   Email

Good to find this site. Lived in Greasby until 1980. Attended Greasby junior school and then onto Hilbre 1971-1975. Would be good to hear from anyone who knew me.

Posted by Pat Huck on 19/05/2016   Email

Hi does any know Dave and Gena Lawrence, lived in Gordon Ave Greasby, Dave was a friend of ours from Uxbridge Middlesex, and we would love to know how he is, he also has a younger brother called Colin, any information for me Pat, and another old Friend, Brian Matthews would be much appreciated. Heres hoping.

Posted by Howard Dean on 21/03/2016   Email

Hello to Carolyn Addison, I have many memories of Esther Booth, she taught me in my final year at Frankby School. If you would like some not very flattering memories contact me on howard.dean@sky.com

Posted by Helen O'Donnell on 21/03/2016   Email

Has anyone got any photos or memories of Coronation Park, Greasby which they would be happy to share with me? We are organising a Greasby in the Park Day on 11th June this year. It is as far as we can tell 80 years since the land the park is on was first designated for use as a public park. One of my jobs is to create a display of the park 'through the ages' so to speak! Any help would be great. Thankyou

Posted by Howard Dean on 19/03/2016   Email

I am sure there are many people in their 70's and on who will recall the name of John Clarke, John lived at Poplar Farm Frankby as a young man. I now have the sad news that John has passed away following a short illness. He will be sadly missed by his wife and friends not least of all myself.

Posted by Carolyn Addison on 19/03/2016

Anyone have any memories of Mrs.Booth from Frankby & Greasby Junior school?She was my grandmother & I remember the old school & the move to the new one in the 1950's.Writing family history & would appreciate any info., esp. photographs.

Posted by becci on 18/02/2016   Email

Hi im trying to find a publican by the name Tony carr. He is between 52-56 last known pub was irby mill was also at the saughall massie for a while. Lives in hoylake. Looking to find to surprise a family member. Any info please plrase email me as there is a surprise party in a week which we would like him to attend! Tia

Posted by Chris O'Neil on 25/01/2016   Email

Can anyone help me track down family of Alfred J Glass, founder of Greasby Methodist Church.

Posted by Jeff on 10/01/2016   Email

Hi Sussex I need to contact your sister Trish,can you please get her to send me an email.

Posted by Catherine jackson on 09/01/2016   Email

Lived in Greasby 1955/1961. KnewBetty Smith and Chris Johnson was known as Lillian Holland friend of Joyce Clifford

Posted by William Rimmer on 26/12/2015

I am trying to find Julie Anne Davies who lived in Howell Drive, Greasby in the 1970s. Her parents were Bill and Carol Davies. Her father was the bank manager at the Nat West Bank in Greasby. Does anyone know if they are still living in Greasby. I think Julie married a police officer.

Posted by julie leach on 30/11/2015   Email

I wonder if you can help me im trying to trace catherine foale who lived in elm drive

Posted by Bill Derbyshire on 07/10/2015   Email

I went to greasby junior school from 1948/1952 and remember all the names in the emails, I remember Alan Smith, Alec Audley, Billy Marriott, John Lycett. I also went to Frankby school, Head teacher Mrs Booth, Mr Dill,I used to be friendly with Billy Marriott and Ian Morris. I away also in the Cubs and the scouts, The cub leader was Mrs Ryan. when in the scouts in my pack was Philip Ashley, John Chapman Jimmey Hewitt, And our leader was Bobby Smith??, All happy memories.

Posted by Jeff Williams on 25/09/2015   Email

Hi can anybody help I realy need to speak with patricia O'Neill, well was O'Neill in the late 80s please please pass on my email address I would be very grateful thank you. Jeff

Posted by jon holden on 10/09/2015   Email

Mr Crozier, former junior school headmaster, is still going strong aged 100: http://m.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/13650741.Globetrotter_Cliff_celebrates_100th_birthday_with_a_trip_to_Canada_and_a_flight_in_a_1930s_biplane/

Posted by Rod Owens on 19/08/2015   Email

I was born in Greasby in 1946 and left for Australia in 1970. Anyone remember me?

Posted by Iangouldson on 13/08/2015   Email

gina thank you for that have not heard from rod but will now contact him incidentally I would be interested in hearing what happened to Pam . I think I was a year or two older than her , I am involved with a group of about 25 who were at school with me and let I 1957 . What relation to Pam are you ? Please feel free to email me if you wish I would love to hear from you Ian

Posted by Gina Wilson on 28/07/2015   Email

Ian.. Rod Owen contacted me last April about Pam and Mary.. If he wants any more info. he has my E-Mail address

Posted by Ian Gouldson on 22/07/2015   Email

I am trying to find information for a friend who lives in Australia (Rodney Owen) on a girl PAM WILSON who lived at wilsons farm Greasby possibly Greasby Old Hall and went to Greasby jnr school between 1953 - 1958 sadly i believe Pam died some 30yrs ago .She had a sister Mary who I believe has also died also there was a brother Eddie who played rugby at Old Caldieans with Rodney.Rodney was a friend of Pams at school and would like to know more about her .Rod informs me Mary ran the Methodist youth club. I notice there is a previous post to a Mary Wilson Iam wondering if this is the same person Iam trying to trace.Rod owen lived in Norwood rd Greasby (OPP WOOD LANE ) and lived in Eastway ,we are both 69 any info would be appreciated Ian

Posted by Lin Rice on 14/07/2015

Hi Penny, So sorry to hear about Ann, she wouldn't have been very old.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 05/07/2015   Email

For John Dodd: Yes, John, I remember evacuees from Liverpool (& Birkenhead). Those I recall were not organised groups as shown in TV documentaries, but just mums getting off the 78 bus (with their kids) at the bottom of Rigby Drive & wandering up the road, knocking at doors & asking householders to take in their kids. We had a couple of lads for a while. I think it must have been around March 1941 when the Merseyside blitz was very bad & lots were Bombed Out, as the phrase was. My Uncle Ern, a Mersey Railway driver, was killed by a direct hit on a B'head pub at that time.

Posted by penny lampkin on 02/07/2015   Email

Hi Lin, yes i had a sister Ann she died about 13 years ago

Posted by Lin Rice on 24/06/2015

Hi Penny, Just wondered if you have a sister Anne, I went to school with Anne Grisdale.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 20/06/2015   Email

Only 17 days to the opening night of Greasby Players 'Wyrd Sisters' - a very funny version of Macbeth. If you would like tickets please private message me. This production is in aid of Glaucoma Research and 'Save William.'

Posted by veronica dodd on 20/06/2015   Email

For John Dodd, my husband Brian Dodd was born in 1937, his father, Tom Dodd son of William Dodd, came from Greasby. I think William had a sister Emily. Brian's father Tom married Doris Franks and they had Brenda, Barbara, Brian, Dennis and Isobel. Do any of the names ring a bell?

Posted by Penny Grisdale on 01/06/2015   Email

I am trying to contact a Gillian Parker, who lived at Pickerill Drive, Greasby, her age now would be 54ish ??

Posted by John Dodd on 17/04/2015   Email

I was evacuated to Greasby in 1939/40. Does anyone remember the groups that came from Liverpool? Been living in Australia the last 45 years.

Posted by Paulette on 03/04/2015   Email

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone remembers my mom from when she used to live there? her name was Frances Hurworth, just looking for memories as she recently passed away. thanks

Posted by Ian Cullen on 11/03/2015   Email

Any one remember Ian Cullen from Greasby, Red Cat , Coach and horses old stomping ground

Posted by Paul Smith on 24/02/2015   Email

I lived in Westway, in the 60,s I can remember the rope swing and as a young kid was not quite tall enough to run the full way out and ended up in the stream a few times. Over your side of the Park I remember Peter Mc Doogal.

Posted by Simon Yeoman on 23/02/2015   Email

Lived in Dingwall Drive in the 1960's, one of five kids. Sisters still in Greasby and Irby. Was in Mrs Nicholsons class in 1966. Anyone remember playing in the foundry under Coach and Horses and the rope swing over the brook off the rough land between Brookdale North and South?

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 20/11/2014   Email

Hi, Howard: It was Irwins, & for my years in Greasby there was a gap (field) between Irwins & the next shop down, which was the Chemists (Miss Jones, I think). Pegrams was along Arrowe Rd., opposite Hancock's Farm & between Storahs (hardware) & a paper shop on the corner(1st run by a pair of Welsh sisters & later Mr Hughes).

Posted by Howard Dean on 15/11/2014   Email

can anybody tell me the owners of the grocery shop in the parade of shops at the top end of Greasby, I believe it may have beep Pegrams or Irwins. back in 40's and 50's

Posted by Jeff Williams on 10/09/2014   Email

Hi I am trying to find Patricia O'Neill well back in 1990 she was maybe married now. If anyone knows Trish will you pass on my email jeffw100@hotmail.Com I just want to catch up sorry she lived in upland road Upton at the time. Thank you very much Regards Jeff

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 11/08/2014   Email

An addition to others' wartime recollections: anyone remember the transformation of part of Arrowe Park ? I think it was going to be a PoW Camp, but in the end it became a huge depot for hundreds of vehicles awaiting D-Day. I particularly remember rows of DUKWs, the amphibious landing craft used in the initial assaults.

Posted by Susan O'Neil on 06/08/2014   Email

I have your message Gina, it is good to be in touch by email now.

Posted by ginawilson on 06/08/2014   Email

Sue.. Have just read you last message about photos of Mary Wilson, my sister. She died 30yrs ago when her daughter was only 10. Jemma would DEARLY love photos of her mum. Please can we get in touch??

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 04/08/2014   Email

Hello Peter Hopkins, I am Reg. O'Neil's daughter from the Meth. youth club. I have many photographs of the youth club shows. Would you like me to scan some for you? A lot of them feature Mary Wilson, do you remember her?

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 02/08/2014   Email

For Michael Boddy - your name REALLY takes me back! I've got a photo somewhere of your sister Marilyn & me in our prams (prob around 1936/37). I remember your dad worked for GPO telephones and had been a successful racing cyclist (track) before the War. When a group of us teenage Greasby lads founded the West Wirral Wheelers (about 1950), we approached him to be our Chairman (or perhaps President) and he agreed. I can still remember his advice that there's a lot of difference between riding fast and racing - a tip I've never forgotten. Interested to know that M lives in Norfolk. I've been cycle touring there often since the early 1960s.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 02/08/2014   Email

Hi, Donald! I seem to remember the name of Donald Rigg being associated with the Meth Church (Rev Mr Jones), especially perhaps the youth club shows which also involved Keith Gibson & Dave Hutch. (Late 40s/early 50s). Am I right ?

Posted by howard Dean on 16/07/2014   Email

Hi Michael, Many thanks for your kind reply. I am sure there are other current or former Greasby residents who will remember Olive and possibly even me, if you would like to contact I would love to hear from you.

Posted by Bill Bennett on 05/07/2014   Email

In the 1950s I had the honour of being the altar boy at Our Lady of Pity Church who held the missal during the laying of the foundation stone! Anyone out there with the photo please?

Posted by Allan Gibbons on 02/07/2014   Email

Hello Hilary, I remember you from Dingwall Drive, I lived at the bottom of Howell Drive number 9. We did keep in touch briefly after I moved to Milton Keynes. You were great friends with the lady with the 2 afghan hounds I think.

Posted by Michael Boddy on 22/06/2014   Email

Hi Donald Rigg,I remembered Miss Jones letting some of us children go for a ride inside an American Armoured vehicle, we were told it was a tank but cannot remember what it looked like, but it did make a racket moving on the concrete roads so must have had caterpillar tracks

Posted by Michael Boddy on 13/06/2014   Email

Hi Howard Dean, Yes my sister was Marilyn Boddy, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your sister Olive, my sister has talked about her friendship with Olive when I have visited her on numerous occasions. Marilyn has now lived in Norfolk now for over 50 years and I have contacted her daughter Sharon to tell her of your sad news and to forward it to her, but on the positive side I think we all have magical memories of life in the post war years in Greasby. Yours, Michael

Posted by Donald Rigg on 12/06/2014

With the recent D-Day anniversary in mind I wonder if I am alone in remembering the sudden arrival of an American Army encampment in the spring of 1944, in what was then the field behind the children's playground at Coronation Park. It was there for a very short time, perhaps only a couple of days. Also I remember the interest we children took when two American army officers paid a call on Miss Jones, headmistress of Greasby primary school at about the same time.

Posted by Howard Dean on 30/05/2014   Email

Message for Michael Boddy, Hi Michael, I presume Marilyn was your sister, if she is could you please tell her that my sister Olive (nee Dean) passed away early this year. I am sure she will remember Olive.

Posted by Howard Dean on 30/05/2014   Email

To Wendy Ashead, nee Edge. Hi Wendy, Eric was a good mate of mine when we were at school. Regrettably we lost touch when I moved away from Greasby and I am very sad to hear he is no longer with us.

Posted by Michael Boddy on 19/05/2014   Email

For Peter Hopkins, I have just been reading remarks made by people living in Greasby in the 40s. I remember this man you mentioned who lived in a tent ,he told us boys that he made tobacco from drying dock leaves over a fire, it must have been very unpleasant to smoke. Michael Boddy 10, Ferguson Ave

Posted by Michael Boddy on 10/05/2014   Email

I have lots memories of greasby in the 1940s bombs in ww2, 50s and Brosters bread, German pow's working on Hannkoocks farm

Posted by ian k on 03/05/2014   Email

To Christine Gregory....when I was a kid in Greasby, Clark's was operated by Mr Thomas.....we never knew first names when we were kids. I can still recall the strong smell of paraffin in the store.

Posted by anne mulholland on 28/04/2014   Email

to Phil Langford: Hubert Kavanagh was my Grandfather. I used to go into the shop after school (OLOP) and at weekend to brush up for my pocket money. When he retired he moved further down Greasby Road to live next door to us. He sadly passed away in the early 80s. Happy memories.

Posted by anne mulholland on 27/04/2014   Email

to Pauline Rainford, I remember you from Greasby and also The Farmer's arms. I was married to Dave the Milk. Strange to hear that your Mum was a Childs, Have you an Auntie Jackie? Jackie was my Mum'sbest friend growing up with the ponies, I have childhood photos of them How did you end up in Kentucky?

Posted by Christine Gregory on 01/04/2014

Yes it was a real jerk to my memory to see the Clarks sign unearthed on Greasby road.Wasn't it run by Mr and Mrs Robb ?

Posted by Suzanne on 10/02/2014   Email

Hoping to reach long lost friends my maiden name was young,. Parents are derek and marian young, we moved to pensby when I was 13. Now living in Madison Alabama Usa , I have a son who will be 21 this year.

Posted by Brenda Armstrong on 07/02/2014   Email

I lived in Greasby until I was about 10. My grandma had a marquee at Rose Villa in Mill Lane which was owned by the Dolbys. I went to the private school called The Mayfield. My mum and dad lived in a little building in Mill Lane called the Dalston. It was on the right hand side further up Mill Lane. While I was a baby we moved to Broadway.

Posted by Gill Charo on 07/02/2014   Email

I am searching for anyone who attended, helped or took their children to Greasby Playgroup at Greasby Methodist Church. We celebrate our 50th Birthday this year and are holding a coffee morning on Saturday 1st March. We would love to see those who came to the group over the years and display old photos. If anyone has any, could we please borrow them for the day. Please email me.

Posted by Ian Kendrick on 19/01/2014   Email

Grew up in Greasby in the 60's and 70's with similalry fond memories as other posts Does anyone remember the Murray family who lived at 22 Ferguson Av?

Posted by Wendy Adshead nee Edge on 18/12/2013   Email

Hello just to add to my last message I lived on Arrowe Rd from 1950, next to Saxons sweet shop and Connelly's, I have 2 brothers Eric who is sadly deceased and Alan who now lives in Spain. I used to look after the Connelly twins and babysit for them. My mum Flo and Dad Jack used to sell Lilac from our garden and my dad worked on the busses. Does anyone remember any of us Edge's ??

Posted by Wendy Adshead nee Edge on 18/12/2013   Email

Just found this site and would like to get in touch with Cath McGrath nee Edge. I am your cousin Wendy, we used to visit your dad Billy and mum Kitty. Lots of names I remember, it brings back happy memories of Greasby primary and junior school, then Pensby. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Posted by Paul Edwards on 07/11/2013   Email

For Debbie Price. Yes I do vaguely remember the country dancing. I dont think my dancing skills have improved since then either !! You probably also remember my sister Anne from your Upton Convent days. She is a bit older than us and was mad keen on sports particularly Hockey and still plays today.She went on to be a P.E teacher (no surprise there). I am going to Greasby this weekend to celebrate my mum's 80th which is coming up soon. Sadly my dad passed away in 2011. Nice to hear from you again. Dont know where all the years have gone ! Only seems like yesterday !

Posted by Debbie Price on 06/11/2013

Hi to both Paul's who posted to me. I remember you both. Yes my dad was a stonemason and yes to Paul Smith. We were always going to Towyn. And to Paul Edwards I remember doing some kind of country dancing with you at Our Lady of Pity school. Now I apologize if I got that wrong!!!!!

Posted by Julia Gallagher on 30/10/2013   Email

Just drove past the former Video shop and saw the Clarks' signs, what a fab shop it was. You could always buy just one nail if you needed it! Also, the detached Police house on Greasby Road was where my friend Anne Parry lived when her dad was the local Sergeant, I'd love to hear from her again. She moved to Mold with her Mum and Dad many years ago.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 27/10/2013   Email

Greasby Players are looking for a bonny lady in the 50+ age group (approx.) to play Mrs. Fox in their upcoming production of Dad's Army. Someone with stage experienced preferred but not essential. If you are interested please email me. Thank you.

Posted by mo on 21/10/2013

sadly the video shop in greasby has closed . They have taken down some of the signs and underneath is revealed Clarks the hardware shop signs .A blast from the past .

Posted by Paul Edwards on 17/10/2013

For Debbie Price. I think I was in the same class as you at Our Lady of Pity Junior school in the late 1960's. I seem to remember that we had to say what our dads did for a living and i think you said yours was a stonemason. I may have got this totally wrong and apologies if I am wrong.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 14/10/2013   Email

Names keep coming back! Anyone ex-Lloyd Drive remember David Pownall (lived near the narrow alleyway down to Arrowe Rd). His mum was a war widow & worked in Pegrams.

Posted by paul smith on 11/10/2013   Email

To Debbie Price, I lived in greasby until 1969. We lived next door to the Dewar's in Westway. I think we met your family on holiday in Wales (think Towyn Silver Bay Caravan Park)Terry was always,s showing his diving skills in the pool.

Posted by Ian Gouldson on 11/10/2013   Email

Pauline Rainford, I remember you with your blonde pony tail, I think every lad in Greasby of my age will remember you. I was a year or so younger than you but I am sure you will remember the name. My mum worked in the co-op for years(Nora). Do you remember Don Hill and Ron Erickson?

Posted by Pauline Boulton (Rainford) on 09/10/2013   Email

So many people I remember on here. Was born and grew up in Lloyd Drive. My Mum Marjorie Rainford (Childs) was born at the New Inn. Billy Drake remember you well, used to deliver papers for your Dad. The Stanley's from Barker Lane, particularly Harold who worked at the New Inn. I now live in Kentucky USA. Lived in Greasby until 1977, moved to Frankby, then West Kirby. Ended up living on Anglesey and came over to here in 2001. I remember Greasby really well. Have enjoyed the messages on here. I went to Frankby School and then GJ. Mrs Nicholson, Mr. Armitage and Mr. Crozier are remembered well.

Posted by Debbie price on 03/10/2013

Does anyone remember me and my family. Audrey, Terry, Mandy and Clare. We lived in elm drive. Dad passed away and guess what mum married Bing Collard our next door neighbour in elm drive

Posted by John Cornner on 29/09/2013   Email

My Parents and I lived in Hall Drive, Greasby until 1949 (I was born at Clatterbridge in 1943). I attended the Junior School in Hall Drive for a year. Is there anyone still in Greasby who remembers us after all this time? John Cornner (Parents Allen and Doris)

Posted by ian gouldson on 08/09/2013   Email

Yes i remember Mr Pickerill i lived at 32 eastway 45to67 he lived at the top of the road low numbers not sure exactly which . SUE ROBBO are you Mike and Davids sister

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 13/08/2013   Email

Just to add to my previous post. The cast of Dad's Army also need three late 1930's/1940' telephones. As this is a production in aid of the Eye Unit at Arrowe Park Hospital, if anyone would be prepared to lend/donate these, we would be very grateful. Thank you.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 12/08/2013   Email

Next May (2014), Greasby Players are producing two of the Dad's Army episodes. We are looking for a number of cast. We need Pt. Godfrey and Pt. Fraser and also the Town Clerk and Mrs. Fox. There are also a few non-speaking female roles to be filled. We also need an accordion player. If you are interested please email me for more details.

Posted by Tricia Jones on 09/08/2013   Email

Hi Robbo, Just been told of your posting. Tricia Jones (alias Titch Russell)here, not a million miles away from you in sunny Cornwall. Chris Stow (nee Probert) and I still keep in touch and would love to catch up with you. Please e-mail.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 31/07/2013   Email

Anyone remember Councillor Pickerill, Greasby's rep on Hoylake Urban District Council (son: Clive)? Or Mr Batho's dairy (Daughter Janet) ? All 1940s/early 50s.

Posted by Debra Bythell on 29/07/2013   Email

My great great great great Grandfather, Edward Bythell - born 1774 was the farmer and owner of the land and buildings of the Greaves Dunning in the 1800's... we are looking forward to visitng the village today... 30th July 2013.

Posted by Stu on 14/07/2013   Email

[Ed. Note - part 2 - continuation of previous guestbook entry] Of the three brothers that went to war only one would return. George unfortunately wasn't one of them as he was killed in 1916 after only being at the front a few weeks. James was also killed in France in 1918 with only 11 days of the war left. Edward survived the war but i have no further information on him. Both James and George are remembered strangely on the Upton War Memorial in Upton outside the library. I have a copy of a newspaper article James wrote from the front about his experiences from 1917 and if anyone wants me to send a digital copy just email me!

Posted by Stu on 14/07/2013   Email

Who ever asked for information on Ivy Cottage on Greasby Road I've come across some interesting info. It was occupied by the Devaney family according to the 1911 census. The head of the household was John and his wife Sarah. Previous to Ivy Cottage they had been living in Barnston. They had four children living with them at the time starting with the oldest Edward to James, George and Ethel the youngest. The three boys and their father are listed as brick layers which makes sense considering the brick and tile yard was behind the cottage. The story doesn't end there though as the family were fairly well known in the area. The three sons were all keen sportsmen and George was at the time of the outbreak of the First World War the Goalkeeper for Tranmere Rovers! However his career was cut short when he joined the army along with his two brothers in the First World War. [Ed. note - guestbook entry exceeds word limit - continued - see part 2]

Posted by Sue Gardner (nee Jones) on 30/06/2013   Email

Sue Robbo - how are you? Just as well you put Robbo there as I would never have known. Send me an email - would love to hear from you - your bridesmaid:))

Posted by Michael Langford on 24/06/2013   Email

Mrs Wilson quite simply the best teacher ever! - attended Greasby County Junior School 1965-1969. Mrs Hickson, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Wilson, Miss Compton, and Mr Crozier

Posted by Carol Thomson on 03/06/2013   Email

When I was at greasby county junior school, my music teacher (Mrs Wilson?) brought a few of us to her house - greasby old hall. She showed us round and took us into the cellar. She said this was part of an old monastery. One corner was flooded. She said it was always flooded and had been the water supply for the monks. It was an underground stream and she thought it fed the pump at pump lane. I lived on the raf estate on pump lane, so knew there was always water there.

Posted by Sue Knowles (Robbo) on 30/05/2013

Hi just found your web site. Went to Greasby Primary in 1955 to 1961 lived in Eastway. Now living in Guernsey would love to hear from anyone of that time especially Titch Russell and Chris Probert.

Posted by alan smith on 23/05/2013   Email

If you or family member were born 1939/40 and attended Frankby C of E school do watch out for a photograph to be published in the next issue [June]of the GREASBY MESSENGER.A group photo taken outside Royden Hall in 1951 has come to light via Alex Audley features approx. 40 lads and lassies, how many can you identify and what was the occasion?

Posted by lorna mcdonough(nee whittingham) on 19/05/2013

hi susan, it wouldnt let me,sorry.but she said it was in thier store rooms.

Posted by Susan O'Neil on 14/05/2013   Email

Lorna, did your daughter say where the uniform was? Just click on where it says email by my name and send me the answer by email please? Thank you.

Posted by lorna mcdonough(nee whittingham) on 11/05/2013

You could try asking the head at hilbre school to look at the badge susan. My daughter attended hilbre and told me they still have the old newton uniform there! good luck.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 08/05/2013   Email

Here is something else for the Newton and West Kirby School Reunion. Does anyone have a photo of the front of the old school (which is now Hilbre) before it was rebuilt? Or does anyone remember what was on the school badge? I know it had two laurel leaves framing it at the bottom but I can't remember the rest. I ask because I am trying to get a big cake made for the reunion in either a school shape or a badge shape with the details pipped on it. Thank you.

Posted by Susan O'Neil on 06/05/2013   Email

I forgot to add Janet Langley to the list of names needed for the Newton and West Kirby County Secondary School reunion.

Posted by jean hewitt on 29/04/2013   Email

Would love to know if anyone remembers my Dad, Harold Hewitt, Skip (2nd Greasby)

Posted by lorna mcdonough (nee whittingham) on 29/04/2013

i lived in cortsway from 1955 to 1977 and have fond memories of growing up in greasby,i especialy remember the rope swing at coronation park!

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 29/04/2013   Email

I am trying to contact the following people for a school reunion of Newton and West Kirby County Secondary School. If you know where any of these people are or if you have contacts for them, please email me. Thank you. The names are:- Angela Pierce, Cathy Mailley, Margaret Dalrymple, Francis Marmion, Janet Harvey, Fiona Evans, Jean Lawrence, Janice Nelson, Suzanne Clark, Jackie Broster, Sheila Worrall, Lynne Bennett, Susan Williams, Ruth O'Leary, Patricia Laws, Julie (or Julia) Dodd, Heather Bates, Maureen Cookson, Diane Kinsman, Lucy Weir, Diana James, Pauline Rushton, Gaynor Jones, Kathryn Duke, Christine Eadie and Pam Boulton.

Posted by Denise Lillya on 27/04/2013   Email

I'm a friend of Jean Langley. Does anyone know how to contact her daughter Helen, last heard of in Australia?

Posted by Sue singleton(Hamilton) on 23/04/2013   Email

I lived in Gordon ave and went to Newton sec in 1966

Posted by brenda armstrong on 18/04/2013   Email

i lived in mill lane as a baby, and then broadway until about 1959, my grandma was jane carr she had a marquee in mill lane. i believe the site belonged to rose cottage

Posted by Helen Reed (nee Heap) on 17/04/2013   Email

I was born in Duncan Drive in 1955 and lived there until the late 60s when we moved to West Kirby. There were 6 chn in the family. I went to Greasby infants school for only a year or so until Brookdale County Primary opened. The headteacher was Miss Kimberley and my teachers there were Mrs Johnson and later Miss McLauren. When Our Lady of Pity school opened I was one of only 4 children in the top class so we joined with the next class down and that meant my brother Michael and I were both taught by Mr. McGuiness. The Headteacher was Mr. Passman. I went on to Upton Hall, having passed the 11 plus. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers our family.

Posted by Helen Mountford on 31/03/2013   Email

Have been doing some family history and looking in this area. My Great Great Aunt Sarah Smith born Kidsgrove, 1884 married and moved to Liverpool, I believe she is connected to The Garrett family ( this is how I found this) Would like to know about Aunt Sarah. Helen

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 08/03/2013   Email

Do these 1940s memories ring any bells? Mr Broster delivering bread by horse & cart? A cobbler's shop by the PO (Higginson??) Waiting in there, I used to be fascinated how he kept a mouthful of tacks which whipped out very fast one at a time & hammered in to the shoe on the last. And a man camping for ages in Burgess's wood. We used to see his tent & huge pile of rusty tins from the 78 bus. It was just after the War & my mum thought he was an ex-soldier who couldn't settle.

Posted by sheila crozier on 28/02/2013   Email

Chris Gill (Gregory) Thanks so much for your e-mail....hope you received my reply.Sheila.

Posted by howard dean on 27/02/2013   Email

Hi to Bill Drake, I certainly remember delivering groceries on that very uncomfortable twin carrier bike before your dad purchased the van. I recall I worked Friday night and all day Saturday for 7/6. good money in those days.

Posted by chris gill on 27/02/2013

Does anyone remember playing in Grovers? Christine Gregory

Posted by Michael Haydn on 25/02/2013   Email

I have lived in Greasby for 26 Years and I would like to see some old photographs, my hobby is writing about old Birkenhead, and walking.

Posted by vicki on 12/02/2013

Wondering if anyone has history of Ivy cottage - 232 greasby road

Posted by John Cain on 09/02/2013

Does anyone know of a Mike Jones, born circa 1941, lived in Greasby Road, worked in Cammell Laird, then Canada, then Cunard naval architects' department (Liverpool), from 1966 til 1969? My wife and I were close friends and would love to be in touch again. Many thanks.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 31/01/2013   Email

Possible School Reunion. If you were in the first year of Newton and West Kirby County Secondary School for Girls in the year it opened and are interested in a reunion in Greasby in May/June please contact me. Shelagh Ballard and I are interested in gauging how many people would be interested. To jog your memories, names in that form are Susan O'Neil, Shelagh Ballard, Lynne Burgess, Christine Farrell, Janet Stephney, Janet Langley, Janet Upton, Anne Hall. Looking forward to hearing from my old class mates. [Editor's Note: Please reply direct to contributor. A photo of the class is available on the Notices page.]

Posted by Bill Drake on 18/12/2012   Email

I lived at 13 Rigby Drive for about 7 years. Dad (Maurice) bought The Stores (featured on this website) and we lived there until 1962. Mum (Gwladys) and Dad then moved to Irby. I attended Frankby C of E and Greasby C J schools before going to Calday GS. I particularly remember Bill Bennett calling in to the shop. Does anyone else remember us?

Posted by Sue Gardner (Jones) on 25/11/2012   Email

I just found this site. I lived in Kirkway from 1950 to 1971 when my family retired to Willaston. So many names I recognize from childhood days. Mr Crozier HM of Greasy school when I was there. Also remember Mr Armitage. Have not been back for many years as I now live in California but thanks for the site as it has brought back many happy memories.

Posted by Pete on 16/11/2012

Nice website. Some of the photos made me nostalgic for my childhood in Greasby. Particularly of the library/ fever hospital. Thanks for doing this site.

Posted by hilary davidson on 12/11/2012   Email

Hi Jacqui, yes i did go to Hilbre, i remember you my mum was a dinner lady at Brookdale School, hope life has been good to you, are you still in Greasby ? time just flies by good to catch up, went back to Greasby this summer and went past Hilbre,its changed so much, my boys couldnt get over the size of it, i often wonder what it would be like to meet everyone again. take care....

Posted by hilary davidson on 12/11/2012   Email

Hi Gina, hope you are well, Scotland at the minute is very wet haha yes spoke to Barb and thats what i said, i went on it while she was on the phone so you can imagine what my phone bill will be like, its so interesting i recognise so many names, its great !

Posted by Gina Wilson on 09/11/2012   Email

Hi Hilary, how's Scotland?? Have tried to get your sister Barbara to 'get on line' and read this web site... Maybe she'll find the 'on' switch on the computer one day...ha!

Posted by jacqui whittingham on 08/11/2012

hi Hillary did you go to Hilbre high school? i think i went to school with you.

Posted by hilary Davidson on 07/11/2012   Email

Can anyone remember me from Dingwall Drive Greasby went to Greasby Junior as Hilary Davidson just found this website x

Posted by Bill Bennett on 31/10/2012   Email

I needed to say hello once again and re-new acquaintences with the Greasby area. I've been in contact with Betty Smith of Lloyd Drive and am wondering if anyone has a photo of me holding a large prayer book for the Archbishop when he opened Our Lady of Pity Catholic church all those years ago? I was an altar boy at the church for a number of years?

Posted by Maureen Dunn on 17/10/2012

Now live in New Zealand. Emigrated there in1974. My son and daughter went to School from 1966 - 1974. We lived in Rigby Dr,Hillcrest Dr and finally Mill Lane. Loved life in Greasby for 18 years. Have happy memories of the village as it was in the way back when. Like to make contact with old friends.

Posted by Howard Dean on 27/09/2012   Email

To Philip Ashley, Philip, can you give me any information about your sister Irene, she still owes me 2d which I loaned her for bus fare. I forfeited a bag of chips to lend her that money. I wonder if you could buy a single chip now for that never mind a bag. Howard.

Posted by Jane Roberts on 25/09/2012

This site should carry a warning that you can loose the odd hour reading and remembering. Reading some of the old postings brings back memories of the gill of milk bottles at school, and orange juice from the milkman being the greatest, if rare, treat. The Infant school teacher I remember with fondness is Mrs Quinn. Great remembering The Favourite and the Coop and the land we used to cross on the walk home. Presumably long ago developed and built up along with the land at the top of Barker Lane where we had a den. I also see reference to Rev. Frank Davis. My memory of him is long after he retired and he loved to tell how some young lady had recently approached him to ask him to marry her - He loved the joke but was obviously much loved and many must have specifically requested him to conduct their marriage service!

Posted by Jane Roberts on 25/09/2012

Have discovered this site and so many memories thanks to Gina. Lived in Mill Lane until 1966 and attended the primary school in the same period. Will keep visiting to prompt other memories of growing up in Greasby.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 02/08/2012   Email

Anyone remember Pegrams & Storah's in Arrowe Rd? We were registered at Pegrams for grocery rations during the War (manager: Mr Manley). Mr Storah next door was an ironmonger (long before the huge DIY superstores!)

Posted by Ray Kendrick on 24/07/2012   Email

I was shown this site and saw the condolence messages to my son Roy. Many thanks for the thoughts. We are having a memorial at Mooloolaba at 9am on Tuesday 31/7/12 for those in the area on the day. I have many memories of growing up in Greasby from the 1930's onwards and will post again following Roy's memorial service.

Posted by sheila crozier on 24/07/2012   Email

I have just stumbled upon this site....brings back so many good memories. I lived on Greasby Rd, near to the shops where Smiths greengocer was located. Family name of Gorry (Terry & Sylvia were my brother and sister, sadly both deceased). I was in Mr Peter Smith's class and also Mr Armitage's class at GC junior school(mad crush on him!!) LOL! I remember we did a fund raiser to help fund the building of the school swimming pool. If anyone remembers me or my family I would love to hear from you.

Posted by Stephen Roberts on 23/07/2012   Email

I am researching all the people recorded on the Grange Hill war memorial who died in WWI. Do you have any information about any of them or would you like to help with the research? Let me know.

Posted by Stephen Roberts on 23/07/2012   Email

Very nice website. Question for you all - why does Greasby generate so much affection and nostalgia? I have moved about a bit and no other place in which I have lived has inspired an equal amount of emotion.

Posted by Simon Green on 22/07/2012   Email

I live in Rylands Hey and remember the wind pump. We played in the old market garden area in the 1970s, some of the glass houses where still standing at that time.Then came the new house build off Rylands Hey and Greasby Road, a new play area!

Posted by Rose on 18/07/2012

Sympathies to Roy Kendrick's family & friends, I was at primary school with him.

Posted by cynthia evans on 04/07/2012   Email

Hi just found the site.Some names I remember but most younger than me.I lived in Rigby drive & went to Greasby primary - miss Jones was headmistress - then on to west kirby GC,My 'gang' at junior school were Bobby Wilson, Bob Hill,Graham Richards,Duncan Longfield Dorothy Appleby,Ann&Alan Fenlon,errol crockford ,Isobel Simcock, Diana Edwards - all of us born just before or during the war.Are there many of us still left ? - would love to know. My sister was Hazel Evans - now lives in Canada . My dad Joe played bowls in Coronation park.My cousins were the Cassons of Heygarth drive.

Posted by stephen wiles davies on 01/07/2012   Email

does anyody know the dumbells from cortsway in greasby especially charlie or lillian, any bit of small information will be really appreciated

Posted by Steve on 26/06/2012

For those of you who remember him, Roy Kendrick, who moved to New Zealand a few years ago, has sadly died.

Posted by Jean Farmer on 18/06/2012   Email

I was born at 3, Brookdale Avenue on 31.12 1940. I lived in Greasby for most of the time until 1963. I also lived at 29, Kirkway, then 3, Brookdale Ave.

Posted by Gina Wilson on 15/06/2012   Email

I remember that caravan site. It was off the end of G C Juniors playing field. I was told it was used by people holidaying from Liverpool to the 'country', which when you live there as a kid you wonder why. I got to know Barry [the son] later on in years, and we went out for a while......hmmmm

Posted by graham wilcock on 04/06/2012   Email

Was it next to the junior school?

Posted by Elizabeth on 01/06/2012

Hi, does anyone remember a caravan site on Mill Lane, I think the lady who ran it was called Mrs Dalby, we went there for many years and my first house when I married was White Cottage which I think was owned by a blacksmith prior to us.

Posted by Philip Ashley on 15/05/2012

To Graham Wilcox,, it was John Johnstone who lived at 14 Greenway,, I was born in 16 Greenway in 1941 and lived there until 1959,, now living in Leicestershire.

Posted by Steve Smith on 15/05/2012   Email

I lived at 59 Escolme drive between 1982 2005 now live in New Zealand. Sadly, my wife Alison died, Jamie is in Manchester and Kate is in Perth WA.

Posted by graham wilcock on 08/05/2012   Email

To Charlie Byrne.Was that the Colin Johnson who lived at 14,Greenway and used to do the shotput.Ilived at 6,Greenway.

Posted by Karl Jones on 08/05/2012   Email

Hi Carolyn Price. I remember your Aunt Ethel and Uncle Alec. After Ethels death Alec married my aunt. I remember that Alec and Ethel lived in a cottage that was attached to the farm house. My great grandmother owned home farm. Drop me a mail if you would like. Cheers Karl

Posted by Pauline Bispham on 05/05/2012   Email

In response to post from Charlie Fitzgerald, hope you had a good time in the UK in April, if you came here! My husband and I are in France til the autumn.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 30/04/2012   Email

I remember the police house opposite Frankby Parish School, now number 32 Greasby Road. There was a Crosville bus stop right outside. It had a Cheshire Police plaque screwed to the front wall and PC Blundell lived there. He wore a flat police cap and gaiters, as he went round on a bike. He sometimes gave roadsafety talks at the school in Hall Drive.

Posted by Charlie Byrne on 30/04/2012

Anyone remember Colin Johnson?

Posted by Gina Wilson on 30/04/2012   Email

Does anyone remember a chap that drank in the Coach and Horses, but went there on his horse? I recall this big dark bay thoroughbred being tied up outside for endless hours, when at the end of his drinking session the chap staggered out and his horse took him home. This was in the early 60's and I never knew who it was or where up Mill Lane the horse took him.

Posted by Paul Garrett on 29/04/2012   Email

(Part 3) All in all - I have very pleasant memories of Greasby and its environs. I have to thank my parents for deciding to live in Greasby in 1948. Three memories spring to mind - Irwins with their open biscuit tins in front of counter, Co-Op with its modern (at the time) high level vacuum cash pods, the field opposite which in winter one could skate on the thick ice. I was then curious about property, and when I asked why there was a gap or waste land between shops (next door to Co-Op?) in the rank, this was explained to me - the owner lives in Australia. I do not know if this was true or not!

Posted by Paul Garrett on 29/04/2012   Email

(Editor's note - message exceeds maximum number of characters and has been split into three parts - this is part 2) My parents Tom & Dorothy Garrett lived in Cortsway as their first house in 1948, until his retirement from Prudential Assurance Company, when they moved to Irby and their second and last house, until their death in the 1990's. My London Aunty (originally from Birkenhead) still lives in West Kirby at the age of 90. Brother David Garrett remained in the Wirral all his life, in one career, that of Law. I still remain in touch with Wirral events through Pat Garrett and my friends Dennis & Gill Wilson who have lived in Irby for many years. Dennis lived in Commonfield Road, Woodchurch in the 1960's and we met at the Methodist Youth Club. The parents of Dennis are still alive and remain at Commonfield Road. (End of part 2)

Posted by Paul Garrett on 29/04/2012   Email

Hi - just to record that I was born on 29th June 1948, and resided at 57 Cortsway, Greasby since that date leaving the Wirral around 1971, for the South West, and Bath in particular. I attended Greasby Primary & Junior Schools, under tutelage of Mr. Crozier, then HeadMaster, and went onto to study at Wirral Grammar School in Bebington. Greasby Methodist Church featured high on my list of social activities in my teenage years, and especially the marvellous youth club run by Reg O'Neill and his wife. I note that a number of his children write on this website. I recall that to attend youth club on a Wednesday, there was a caveat to attend Sunday church - a good trade-off! I also attended cubs at the same church - a very good centre for the community. My sister -in-law Patricia Garrett (nee Moorcroft) still attends the church. Brother Anthony (Tony to many) was very involved in the Methodist Church, until his death a couple of years ago. [Editor's note - end of part 1]

Posted by Rose on 27/04/2012

I was one of the first pupils at Brookdale back in 1962. Now live out of the area, hoping everyone has a good week of celebrations. Memories of that day are fairly hazy but can remember the winter of 1963.

Posted by Paul Smith on 25/04/2012

Re Don Johnson I lived Westway in the 60's leaving in 69 I remember your brothers the strange thing was that Keith and Derek Andrews lived across the road. Their Dad would always bring his lorry home if I remember correctly the company name was Bradshaw

Posted by carolyn price on 21/04/2012

Ilive in Nottingham but spent all my holidays with my auntie ethel and uncle alec, they rented rooms in Home Farm, belonging to Mrs Haynes on Mill Lane. Many happy memories of a dear aunt and uncle who are both now deceased but still missed.

Posted by Karl Jones on 19/04/2012   Email

[Editor's note - part 2 of message - see explanation below] I lived in Greasby until 1968 when we moved to West Kirby. My early recollections are of Sid Cross delivering coal, August Bank Holiday fete at Our Lady of Pity Church, playing in the fields at the end of Barker Lane and Sunday walks to Hancock's Wood and Hillbark. We bought Sweets from Goldings, went to the dentist upstairs behind the Shops (was it the CO-OP??) and saw Dr Harkin, Clark and Cuthbertson when we were sick, before they moved to the new medical centre. Fond foggy memories!! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my family

Posted by Karl Jones on 19/04/2012   Email

Hi. My family has a long history in Greasby. My mother, Irene Stanley was born in 1940 in Barker lane and went to the primary school across the road from her house. She was one of nine children (Dot, Walter, Arthur, John, Mick, Harold, Joan, Margeret and Irene). My Dad, Terry Jones spent his youth at his grandmother's home which was Home Farm in Mill Lane. My great grandmother (surname was Haynes) lived there with her daughter Muriel and a Scottish man, Alec Crawford who later married my Auntie Mo. Nan went to the Coach and Horses every day for her guinness. My Mum and Dad were regulars at the New Inn. Dad sadly passed away in 2008, but my Mum is living in Heswall. [Editor's note - message exceeds maximum length therefore now split into two parts - end of part 1]

Posted by Don Johnson on 18/04/2012   Email

My family moved into Brookway in October 48 while I was at The Parade School and at that time I had 2 brothers and a sister: Keith would have been 8, Derick would have been 7 and Christine would have been 4. Keith and Derick went to Greasby Primary School and Christine joined Greasby Infants in 1949. Keith and Christine are still on the Wirral but Derick now lives in NZ.

Posted by ian gouldson on 18/04/2012   Email

Hello graham wilcox nice to hear from you Barbara Forbes thinks she has traced Graham Wilson not you i have recieved her email today telling me about you so i have emailed back explaining to her who she has found email to follow

Posted by Sheila Williams on 18/04/2012   Email

On 28th April we are holding our second reunion of the 4a and 4b classes of 1956/57 from Greasby County Junior School. The teachers were Mr Armitage and Mrs Nicholson. If you were in either of those classes and would like to join us for lunch or just to drop in for drinks in the afternoon, please contact me as soon as possible. Mr Crozier and Mr Armitage will be there, aswell as a number of other old faces! Sheila Williams (nee Russell)

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 17/04/2012

Anyone remember Roger the postman (with an Irish accent) ? Not sure of his surname. His round included Rigby Dr, Lloyd Dr, etc. He lived on Arrowe Rd, somewhere opposite Connolly's market garden.

Posted by graham wilcock on 16/04/2012   Email

Yes Ian Gooie Gouldson i remember you i lived at 6 greenway Graham Wilcock we went through school together.

Posted by Pam Isaacs nee Leask on 14/04/2012   Email

for Janet Nicholson (Cambell) Yes I remember the good days when we were young. If you want to get in touch, then please do so. pamelaisaacs10@yahoo.com

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 11/04/2012   Email

Mike - I think you must mean Mrs Saxon. Her husband Albert was (or had been) a postman. We used to get our bread, etc. there during & after the War.

Posted by Mike Langford on 10/04/2012

Please remind me what was the name of the lady that ran the little green-lean-to shop on Arrowe Road?

Posted by Mike Langford on 10/04/2012

and then there was The Favourite where we spent our pocket money every week. Who else can remember 'Uncle Frank' Williams in the days before Mr Rose owned it?

Posted by ian gouldson on 28/03/2012   Email

lived in Greasby 1945 untill married in 1967 friends with kenny woods and ritchie jamison any one rember us

Posted by Mike Langford on 19/03/2012

Gina- Very fond memories of your Mum and Greasby Old Hall. Your Mum was quite simply the very best teacher anybody could ever have hoped for! - she really cared for the kids in her class and I often tell people about the lady who taught me to write properly. She was the first teacher who ever told me it was ok to be left-handed!!

Posted by S. Carter on 18/03/2012

Hi Gina, your mum was my teacher at GC Juniors I was in the remedial class for 3 years from 1968 to 1971, she was the best teacher in the world I loved her so much, we went to your house for trips it was wonderful, I now run a Pre-School and teach children with additional needs and I often think Mrs Wilson would be proud of me, I still think of her a lot she was one in a million, just wanted to say that, I left Greasby in 1978 and now live in Bristol I have such fond memories of Greasby.

Posted by Gina Wilson on 16/03/2012   Email

Does anyone remember the big summerhouse belonging to the New Inn? I remember watching people turning it round as it pivoted on its axis in a circle. They don't make many like that now. And I loved the smells in the little chandlers shop which was attached to the road side of the 'Greave' when pigs where kept there.I had a friend they kept in the orchard next to part of our garden. He was a donkey called Charlie, and very sweet.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 15/03/2012   Email

Phil mentions the District Bank in the Manor House. Nationally, it was swallowed up by NatWest in 1970. At the end of every Sat morning, I used to have to deliver Pegrams' takings for the week to the small Greasby branch (now the Manor House). Aged about 14, I had a Sat morning grocery round (9am to about 1pm), for which Mr Manley paid me 3/- (or perhaps 3/6). I was provided with a cast-iron dreadnought of a bike with a huge basket on the front, a bit different from Securicor for transporting cash!

Posted by Alan Cuthbertson on 15/03/2012   Email

I remember Stan the milkman. We were out of the village on Kinlos Road so he must have had a grueling round to complete. Does anyone remember Bradshaw's sweet shop on the corner in the village? I had my first Coke at Bradshaw's in 1960 or thereabout, and I have a dim memory of buying one or two sweets with a farthing - I suspect Mrs. Bradshaw took pity on my impoverishment.

Posted by Gina Wilson on 14/03/2012   Email

HI Phil....long time!!My horrible brother used to tell me I was adopted and that Stan the Milkman was my dad..............?

Posted by Phil Langford on 14/03/2012   Email

Hubert Kavanagh, I spent many hours in his barber shop waiting for the next brylcreem combover trim, and also wondered why he never asked me if I wanted something for the weekend !! I did once however ask him if I could have some of the hair from his cuttings for my Grandpa's head. Other memories, Kennedy's shop over the road from Hubert's, selling all sorts of household goods. Having a lemonade sitting on wooden barrels in the back yard of the Coach & Horses. Watching the blacksmith in the smithy hammering away on his anvil. Stan the Milkman, what a hero, carried glass milk bottles on his push bike for many years throughout all weathers. Going to Sunday School in the old school and taking part in the Christmas Nativity Play. Also as Gina Wilson (Hi Gina) already mentioned, playing and having a sly cigarette in the old air raid shelter. Broken biscuits from Reece's shop in the village. The cobblers, the drapers, The New Inn and the District Bank sadly all gone. Happy Days.

Posted by Ed Williams on 07/03/2012   Email

I only knew the barber as Mr Kavanagh, but do recall he never stopped drinking tea. I always enjoyed reading my way through the deep pile of comics that he had on the small window ledge.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 04/03/2012   Email

Re Hubert the barber. Funny the odd, trivial things you remember. Sitting there waiting my turn over the years, I've never forgotten as a kid being fascinated by Dr Page-Barker's Scurf and Dandruff Lotion in an old-fashioned bottle. I had no idea what Scurf or Dandruff was but they sounded horrible. Then there was an item on the price list Beard Trim One Shilling. I was amazed. NOBODY had a beard in those days. You only saw them in Robin Hood films.

Posted by GORDON SCHOLEFIELD on 02/03/2012   Email

Brookdale Primary School is 50 on 30th April 2012. An open-day has been planned for Friday 4th May, please contact the school if you would like to attend. We are currently looking for old photographs of the school, particularly from the early 60's. We have none of the actual construction of the school in 1961/62 or of the site prior to the school being built.If anyone has any interesting photographs please either e-mail them to the school or allow us to scan them in school.We are also particularly interested in the first day in the life of the school and the way in which children were walked down from Greasby Infant & Junior School to their new school, Brookdale. Please e-mail any memories to the school office. Thanks Gordon Scholefield Head Teacher

Posted by Howard on 29/02/2012   Email

I too remember Hubert, he is the only man I know who although very religious and in charge of the lottery type draw held by the Roman Catholic church he would always ask the men if they required Something for the weekend. As a ten year old or thereabouts I often wondered why he never asked me if I wanted something for the weekend when I paid him. At the age of 72 I have recently found out why.

Posted by graham wilcock on 28/02/2012   Email

Oh yes i remember hubert my parents sent me there and make sure its a shortback and sides although i dont think he knew anything else. We lived at 6 greenway from 1946 to 1962 until we emigrated to nz when i was 17

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 27/02/2012   Email

Anyone remember Hubert Kavanagh, the Greasby barber in the 1940s and 50s? He was the only Hubert I ever heard of! His shop was a front room in that row of cottages set at an angle not far from the Coach and Horses. A boy's haircut was 9d (about 4p). A man's was 1s6d (7.5p).

Posted by Sheila Taylor nee Booth on 11/02/2012   Email

Hi Gina my parents Bill & Peggy Booth lived in the Old Hall till 1955 and then moved to a farm in Thingwall where I was born in 1956.My brother and sister Paul & Patty Booth loved living there

Posted by GINA WILSON on 03/02/2012

Hello to everyone one this site..it has certainly brought back some memories as some of the names I went to school with at GC Juniors.We were the Wilsons who lived at the Old Hall from 1955. My sisters were Mary and Pam and my brother Eddy. My mum was the music teacher at various schools, but mainly GC Juniors.It was very sad when my parents sold up for family reasons. If I had my way I'd still be living there. I laughed at some of the memories, I must have climbed every tree in the area..if the trunk was too tall it had 6 inch nails in it until you could reach the bottom branches. Does anyone remember playing in the air raid shelter, on the site of Boxwood farm by the teapot cottages. Most upsetting when they levelled out the land down to the shops towards Frankby as it was great for sledging, or taking the skin off your legs coming off a go cart....ahh great days, many memories,,GINA

Posted by Alan Cuthbertson on 02/02/2012   Email

I found a link to some excellent Harold Hopps paintings of old Greasby and, doing a little research, found my way here. We left Greasby for the USA in 1963. I passed the old Smithy on Mill Lane, picture on this site, every day on my way to and from the Junior school. It's sad to see that a lot of the old heritage is gone. We were the Cuthbertson's at 1 Kinloss Road. I was 8 when we left and brother Ian was 10. Parents were Bill and Jean. If you are interested in prints of Harold Hopps Greasby paintings just Google since links aren't allowed in these messages.

Posted by Howard on 31/01/2012   Email

Has anybody thought of a Frankby C of E school reunion, possibly for pupils during the time of Esther Booth? I would certainly be interested. Howard.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 13/01/2012   Email

Brookdale School Anniversary. An open day for ex-pupils will be held on Friday 4th. May 2012, from 10.00 a.m.

Posted by Charlie Fitzgerald on 12/01/2012

In response to a post from Pauline Bispham from October 15, 2010.....sorry to take so long to respond, I just saw your post in the Old Guestbook link. Of course I remember you. I last saw Gary and Deb in 2005 when my wife and I had a joint 50th party in South Shields. I might be in the UK in April this year.

Posted by nick topham on 29/11/2011   Email

old freind wishes to contact Mike Jones from Greasby am drams (GADS)

Posted by Bill Bennett on 28/11/2011   Email

Hello, Have found you yet again! Hope all well out there in beautiful Greasby! Am now in regular contact with Betty Donnelly (nee Smith) from Lloyds Drive!

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 28/11/2011   Email

Family research: can anyone help ? I'm trying to trace my cousin Jackie, born in 1941, married name Jacqueline Jones (nee Cottam), who married Brian G Jones in Wallasey 1961. I was told about 5 years ago that she lived in Greasby.

Posted by Debbie Vernon on 07/11/2011   Email

Sue O'Neill. yes I remember you and your dad very well. My mum was Kay Vernon who ran the 1st Greasby Brownies for many years with Rene Booth and Joyce Upton. I remember the old scout ambulance. wasn't it bright orange at one stage? Mum died many years ago now and so I don't really have cause to come back up to Greasby at all, though my (much) older sister still lives in Birkenhead. Would be very interested in the Brookdale reunion, I was there 69 to 75. Debbie

Posted by steve davies on 22/10/2011   Email

does anybody remember the dumbell family from cortsway in greasby or what happened to them especially charlie or lillian, they lived there in the 1950s to the 1980s as far as i am aware

Posted by alan smith on 17/10/2011   Email

Hi Toni, Malvern House was 216 Greasby road,if you log on CONTENTS and BUILDING and STRUCTURES GONE Malvern House has a good mention.

Posted by toni weir was griffiths on 14/10/2011   Email

Thanku 4 geting back to me mike was wondering if u have any info on joe Harris and if he is still alive and do u think there would have been records on the mothers and babies , is the house still there and would marie of been under 16 to be there or just any age but unmarried thanku 4 all ur help x

Posted by Toni Weir was Griffiths on 12/10/2011   Email

Further to my message I would like to add that the actual date that Marjorie was adopted was 2nd of June 1938. Her birth mother was called Marie Reading. I have been to Greasby to try and find Malvern House but couldn't find it can someone please help me. x

Posted by Toni Weir was Griffiths on 11/10/2011   Email

I have been looking into my family tree and have discovered that my nan Marjory whose surname was possibly Reading was adopted from Malvern House back in around 1920. Her mother's real name is Marie Reading and was adopted Margret and Edward Conroy. I want to know if the birth mother (Marie Reading) had any more children and where she moved to. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Ant Clerc on 22/08/2011   Email

I have just started trying to get work in my village by starting a new business, Greasby Dog Walking Service. I went to the library to determine how many leaflets I needed to have printed to post a leaflet through every door in Greasby. After spending hours writing out the name of every street and the amount of houses in each street, I have established that there are 168 streets in Greasby with 5384 individual houses. In fact, I have nearly posted all my 5500 leaflets that I had printed.Just in case anyone is interested in the figures about the make up of Greasby. Ant.

Posted by Don Johnson on 01/08/2011   Email

Sue, I remember well, the days when Reg was Youth Club leader and the carnivals we went in and the shows we used to do in the Hall. The seniors of the club included Keith Gibson and David Hutchinson. One year our carnival float made fun of TV shows and another year we made fun of advertisements. It would be great to see the photographs and see if I can put names to faces, and possibly date the pictures.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 25/07/2011   Email

To Paul Smith I don't know much about what is happening for Brookdale's 50th. anniversary yet, except there is to be some sort of display. I will put everything I find out on here. If Janet Neil (maiden name) is on here please email me. Thank you.

Posted by Alan Smith on 22/07/2011

[continued] I have a photo heading The Greasby Carnival 16th. June 1951.Ester Booth headmistress at Frankby C of E school had decided to enter a group of lads in the carnival, we were called The Back Entry Diddlers after a comic strip featured in the L’Pool Echo. We were dressed up rag-a-muffin style, in the photo line up Alec Audley, Billy Mariott, Malcolm ?, Chris Tigger Denholm, Alan Smith, Billy Derbyshire, John Lycett, Dave Jones, Wilf and Bro. Marsden and Jimmy Penwell all these lads will be about 70yr. now give or take a year - hope you’ve had a good ride fellas.

Posted by Alan Smith on 22/07/2011

Re. The Greasby Carnivals late 40’s early 50’s I remember the procession would assemble on Arrowe Road and would be led by a Sally Army or local cadet band, followed by The Carnival Queen and her Retinue on flat back lorries decorated with crepe paper flowers and banners, then followed about 6 troupes of Morris Dancers with their tambourines and pom poms, they would compete against each other at the Carnival Site at Coronation Park, next would be various tableaux and individuals in fancy dress. [editor’s note – contribution continued - split into two parts due to exceeding word limit]

Posted by Paul Smith on 21/07/2011   Email

As I can remember our scout and cub groups were based in the Methodist Church Hall ( 2nd Greasby) led by Mr Upton. We got involved with the carnival and can remember me wearing the page boy outfit for the carnival queen. Guess this would have been around 1965/66. Aged 7/8.The carnival would end up in the grassed area at the centre of Circular Drive. I have noticed also mentioned that Brookdale school are celebrating their 50th next year does anyone know any planned events ?

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 16/07/2011   Email

Don Johnson I am Reg. O'Neil's daughter you may remember my father as leader of the Methodist Youth Club. I don't remember the early carnivals but I do have some photographs. One of them is of some of the youth club on a float and three of the girls are have big no. 3's on the front of their dresses. Also there is a big board with the weather forcast on it, saying Greasby is always warm and sunny!

Posted by Howard Dean on 16/07/2011   Email

Hi Peter, As you were born four years before me there was quite an age gap between us in those far off days, I did not know you as you would have been a big boy of 12 when I was only 8, I do however remember the Birds of Highfield Drive, Peggy was an assistant at the Co-op in the village and Mike and I used to roam around with a group of others from the Highfield Drive area, Robin Mason springs to mind. My sister Olive was the Carnival Queen one year with Margaret Rowlands as her attendant, regrettably Margaret is no longer with us. Happy days especially with the dancing girls one of whom became a regular visitor to Rylands Hey. She lived in Norris Green, an area I have not visited but Greasby was another world I understand.

Posted by Don Johnson on 15/07/2011   Email

This may not be strictly Greasby but can anyone who grew up in the 40's and 50's remember the radio programme, we didn't have TV until 1953, 'Childrens' Hour' with Uncle mac and Nomad. Nomad used to talk about walks in the countryside and about the plants, birds and animals but how many realised that his real name was Norman Ellison and he lived in Caldy. His talks were very popular because he really made things come alive. From that same era can you remember that we used to LISTEN to a ventriloquist (Peter brough and Archie Andrews) and even listened to a TAP DANCER. It takes some believing with todays TV programmes but then, at that time we still had rationing and kida would spend hours scrounging and making a go-cart from bits of wood and pram wheels and it was only when we were half way down a hill that we realised - we had forgotten the brakes, but we used our shoes and risked mum's annoyance.

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 08/07/2011   Email

Thanks, Don. Yes, I remember the Carnivals. One year the Carnival Queen was Moira Wynn (lived corner of Lloyd Dr/Mcdonald Dr) but no boys cd be persuaded to be King (in satin breeches, buckled shoes, etc!) so this role was taken by Maureen Hodson (lived 2 doors from us). The parade passed along Arrowe Rd, with troupes of dancing girls from L'pool. The Fancy Dress comp included Roger Broadbent (Brookdale Ave) as a Jack of All Trades & a girl dressed as a Ration Book (doesn't that date it!) Keith Gibson, by the way, became a professional photographer around 1967 after a spell as Youth Hostel Warden.

Posted by Don Johnson on 07/07/2011   Email

Peter. you brought back a few memories among those names. I remember Peter ratcliffe from my form at the parade and Keith Gibson was one of the seniors at the Methodist Church Youth Club and played a big part in organising the club concert and also the Carnival float (which usually gotr the whole club in trouble with the church elders, such as when we were taking the mickey out of adverts, one of the members with sandwich that said 'Drink more milk' on the front but on the back it said 'Beer is best' it didn't go down at all well. Does anyone remember the Carnival parades of the early 1950's?

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 06/07/2011   Email

Last posting contained an error in my e-mail address. This one is OK. While on, I'll add a few more names I recall from the 1940s/early 50s. In Dodd Ave there was Joan Williams; in Lloyd Dr, from the Rigby end, Gary Milnes, the Watson bros, Jacqueline Basnett, Peter Ratcliffe, Tony Murphy, Jean Thomas (whose dad was a plumber & amateur conjurer!) & David Pownall (who became a successful radio & stage dramatist). In Ferguson Ave: David Trainor, Pat Moorcroft & my cousin Sylvia Johnstone. Further away in the Highfield Dr area there was Colin Casson, Keith Gibson, Graham Hayworth, Deidre Fenton, & my cousins the Bird family (Peggy, Mike, Derek & Bobby).

Posted by Peter Hopkins on 05/07/2011   Email

Anyone of my vintage remember me ? My parents were the 1st occupants of 6 Rigby Drive (late 1934). I was born in Sept 1935 & attended the then new school in Hall Drive (& later Calday GS). A few nearby contemporaries: Robert & Eddie Davies, Peter & Maureen Hodson, Shirley & Clive Walker, Keith Drinkwater, Patrick & Malcolm Dunphy, Doreen Banks, Bobby Wilson, Cynthia Evans, Duncan Longfield, etc., etc.

Posted by Bill Bennett on 04/07/2011   Email

At last I've found you again! And only because some old friends from Lloyd Drive came for lunch the other when on holiday in South Wales. When they (Betty Donnelly and her sister Cynthia) arrives home they forwarded a copy of the Greasby & Irby Messenger! I used to live in Hall Drive years ago and in the 60s was known as the Greasby Athlete because of my running career! Howard we'll get the site moving again!!

Posted by Don Johnson on 02/07/2011   Email

Can any of the scouts remember the days of 2nd Class Scout and making dampers and twists over a campfire at Frankby field? For the un-initiated, a damper was a mixture of flour and water made into a small flattish cake and baked on the fire, usually to only one stage from cremation. A twist was the same mixture but rolled into a snake and twisted round a piece of wood and baked over the fire. The Skipper of 1st Frankby-Greasby was Mr Bowden and we had four patrols and he would brew us a mug of cocoa when we finished. This was in 1948 to 1952 and many food items and clothing were still rationed so a mug of cocoa was great, particularly made with condensed milk (remember the old conny-onny) which was also great on a slice of bread, it actually overcame the awful taste of margarine.

Posted by Sue. O'Neil on 27/06/2011   Email

Brookdale School is holding its 50th. anniversary next year and is looking for photos and memories. If you have anything they can use please email them at Schooloffice@brookdale.wirral.sch.uk I have sent them a picture of the seven-year-old class in 1962 when the school opened. I have some of the name for the photo but not all, so if you were there please contact me and I will email you the photo and see if we can get all the names.

Posted by Howard Dean on 21/06/2011   Email

Have you really not had any messages since March? Come on the old Greasbyites, where are you? Howard.

Posted by Paul Smith on 17/05/2011

I have been viewing the site recently and noticed no updates Has the site closed ?

Posted by Sue Murray on 25/03/2011

Great site & it was good to look at the old photo's. Have fond memories of living in Greasby, from 72 to 85. Went to Greasby County Junior and then onto West Kirby Grammar - remember hanging out around the shops & coronation park with loads of friends. Remember the old Frankby Parish school and Dragon fly lane before they got built on. A long time ago now - dont get back nowadays now live in Australia, however next trip back I'll be visiting - family still live in the area and I'd like to show the children where I spent many a happy time !!

Posted by jacqui whittingham on 19/02/2011   Email

Linda adams. i remember when you broke both your arms & i was one of your friends that fed you at lunch time when we had to run from hoylake parade school down to deneshey road for our dinner. so sorry to hear you lost your dad. please get in touch with me for a good natter xxx

Posted by chris gill (christine gregory) on 19/02/2011

I just saw a mention of John Mc Intey burning socks at scout camp. I was a school with him .. just wondered how he was doing. Does anyone remember Mr Armitage at Greasby Juniors taking us on nature walks in the afternoons ?

Posted by gail wilson on 13/02/2011   Email

Many years ago in the 70s I worked in the library. If anyone is in contact with Joyce Clare please pass on my best wishes and I would love to contact her. Thanks for a great site.

Posted by Howard Dean on 10/02/2011   Email

I didn't ever rise to the dizzy heights of being a Scout having dropped out as a Cub. Does anybody remember Mrs. Ryan and Miss Siball, cub mistress and assistant respectively. If you do remember them you are giving your age away. I believe the scout master was Mr. Bowden (???)

Posted by Don Johnson on 31/01/2011   Email

Hi Paul Smith. The 1st Greasby was the 1st Frankby/Greasby and, in the 1940's and 50's met in a hut opposite what is now the Red Cat but the troop at the Methodist hall started in about 1953 as 2nd Greasby Cub Scout Pack run by Charlie Upton and for a while, I was helping as Acting ACSM until I moved to work with 1st Hoylake as Acting ASM and Acting ASM (Seniors). I believe 2nd Greasby later built up to a full group and in fact took a few members from 1st group, particularly when they moved out of the hut to Frankby hut.

Posted by Linda Adams Smith on 26/01/2011

Went home for Xmas, and I have to say I miss Greasby already, its home for me and always will be. Lived there all my life until 1992 when I moved over to USA. Thanks for a great website, although it states its under construction...can't wait to see it again! Cheers, Linda :)

Posted by Ben Childs on 25/01/2011   Email

Congratulations on the new site Mike, thanks for all your hard work keeping it up and running, it looks great.

Posted by Paul Smith on 24/01/2011

Re 1st Greasby Cub/Scouts. We used to meet at the back of the Methodist Church in Circular Drive. Our mode of transport was a Green Converted Ambulance. We had a cottage in Wales for adventure weekends. Dave Read I am sure was a venture scout and regular drove the ambulance. Johnathon Collier was a fellow member. We used to march from our base in circular Drive to the front of the Church in Greasby Road.

Posted by Ed Williams on 23/01/2011   Email

(part 2) I always enjoyed the summer fete and in particular the rope tree ride the put up from the tree in the bottom corner. Do health and safety rules prevent that now? One year we had a sort of treasure hunt come obstacle course come assault course across the whole of the Wirral in a competition against other Scout groups. Ray Cullen found the treasure so our lot won. I also enjoyed the camps we had. One we had at Trefriw in Wales. We had ex army tents and cooked off paraffin heaters and used holes in the ground for the constantly moving small tent. I recall there being a fantastic lake nearby to swim in. Another year we went somewhere in Derbyshire and I remember John McIntee burning all our wet socks on the stones fire we had built when we all went off to play football.

Posted by Ed Williams on 23/01/2011   Email

In response to the email below I was in 1st Frankby Greasby scouts when they met in the corrugated iron hut in Frankby. I think they had put the foundations to the new hut in by the time I left. I remember the wood burner in the middle of the hut which we really needed for the winter meetings. The hut was always very dusty but we got to play in the field a lot. We played games like British Bulldogs which possibly health and safety rules prevent now. I was never into knots and things. I was a Peewit. There was also an Eagle patrol but I can't remember the other two. We had a football team that played in green shirts. I did not get to play much as I had to visit my grandparents alternate Saturdays or maybe I was not good enough. The field was shared with cows so you had to watch out for the cow pats. (end of part 1)

Posted by Matthew Allen on 14/01/2011   Email

Great new site look.... thanks for keeping it going ;-) I would like to ask if anyone from Greasby or Frankby has any Scouting memories and would like to share them on here or contact us on the email above? Especially those of 1st Frankby Greasby or 1st Greasby? We look forward to hearing from you!! Many thanks again!!

Posted by sheila Taylor on 18/12/2010   Email

Greasby looks really pretty after the heavy snow

Posted by Howard Dean on 13/12/2010   Email

Hi Bill, Good to see you'r back, I hope the vocal chords are OK. We are still looking for Philip or Alison Pomeroy who used to live in Brookdale Avenue, the Arrowe Road end. I know Alison married in the 60's, can anyone assist in finding either of them? Please.

Posted by Howard Dean on 07/12/2010   Email

Good to see your name again Bill, keep those songs going, I have now been joined in my quest by Rylands Hey friends but have not been able to locate Philip or Alison Pomeroy who used to live in Brookdale Avenue (The Arrowe Park end) Can anyone assist please. Howard.

Posted by Bill Bennett on 03/12/2010   Email

At last I'm back with you and enjoying your new Greasby site! I miss lovely Greasby but will be up there when the weather improves to see friends and relations! Congratulations on all your hard work on the new site.

Posted by Dennis Alcock on 29/11/2010   Email

looking forward to checking this new site out

Posted by Maureen Reid on 26/11/2010

Good to see the site is getting up again. My memories are of 18 happy years in Greasby from 1956 - 1974. Lived in Rigby Drive, Hillcrest Drive and before emigrating to New Zealand lived in Mill Lane. Great to see the changes and good also to see the old buildings ie the Fever Hospital - we used the Library very often. Keep up the good work

Posted by Don Johnson on 21/11/2010   Email

Great to see the new site up and running. It brings back many memories of growing up in Greasby from Oct 48 when we moved into Brookway until I went in the army in July 56.

Posted by Phil Langford on 14/11/2010

Looking forward to the new site. I have lived in Greasby since 1955 and if i can be of any use please contact me.

Posted by Sheila Taylor on 07/11/2010

Great to see the new website

Posted by Karl Jones on 02/11/2010   Email

Hi All. Good to see the new site up and (almost) running. Well done.

Posted by Rob Singleton on 31/10/2010   Email

Hi everyone. Well done keeping the site going. I get a bit homesick reading all the postings and remembering things like fishing at the three sisters or Rimmers pond, the ropeswing over the brook at the back of the park. I delivered milk before going to school there were two milk men by the Coach & Horses, I can not remember their names. Spent a lot of summers in Wood Lane woods with, just to mention a couple, Brian Hatter, Colin Gardner, and Mike Smith. Hard to believe it's over 35 years ago. I have lived in Osnabrück Germany for the past 28 years after finishing my time with the army. P.S. love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Email rob.singleton@email.de

Posted by Howard Dean on 22/10/2010   Email

Congratulations, I am really looking forward to the new site. Very many thanks for ALL of your hard work. Howard.

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